Attacq is a capital growth company in the property sector and differentiates itself from its peers through a quality diverse property investment and development portfolio in South Africa, emerging markets and developed markets.
Attacq aims to deliver exceptional sustainable capital growth through creative local and international real estate developments and investments. It pursues this vision through its strategic drivers of Invest, Develop and Grow.
Attacq aims to deliver exceptional sustainable capital growth through creative local and international real estate developments and investments. It pursues this vision through its strategic drivers of Invest, Develop and Grow.
It has a diverse investment portfolio that includes landmark commercial and retail property investments and developments, in South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. Attacq’s blended investments in established and developing markets minimises risk, especially in pressured times
Attacq consistently delivers growth in capital to its investors through its strategic property holdings and developments and that it has grown total assets to R27.6 billion as at June 2016 with an initial gross asset value of R600 million as at 30 June 2005.
The Attacq strategy includes significant offshore diversification with more than 24% in gross assets in hard currency economies. The decision to invest outside of South Africa was taken to diversify Attacq’s portfolio, to create a Rand hedge and take advantage of the growth opportunities in foreign and stable developed markets. Attacq investment in MAS has proven to be very good.  MAS has recently expanded its investment horizon to include Central and Eastern Europe, specifically Romania. The Cyprus assets Attacq invested in, in July 2015 have favourable expansion opportunities and as part of the Serbia investment made in December 2015, the shareholders capitalised a development fund with €20 million of equity for new developments.  AttAfrica will complete another development in Kumasi, Ghana in April 2017.
Attacq focuses on creating long term sustainable capital growth for its stakeholders by investing in Property. Property is a long term investment, especially when it comes to investing or developing the right retail mall in the best location. This differentiates Attacq from other JSE-listed property entities who focus on the generation and regular distribution of income to shareholders. Attacq is therefore not a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).
Attacq re-invests excess cash into other opportunities to support our development pipeline and other local and offshore investment opportunities to drive capital growth.
Waterfall is Attacq’s prime mixed use development with retail, hotel developments, corporate and retail developments located just north of Johannesburg. The jewel in the crown is Waterfall City, South Africa’s newest corporate headquarter destination set in a new city with the iconic Mall of Africa as the retail catalyst of the work, live and play city.
Waterfall City is the jewel in the diversified Attacq portfolio of developments and investments in developed and emerging markets. Waterfall investment accounts for 39% of Attacq’s gross assets. Blue chip corporate tenants have and continue to be attracted to Waterfall City and it has truly become Gauteng’s consolidation destination.
Waterfall City is developed as a live, work and play urban space where people enjoy a balanced lifestyle in a pleasant urban development setting, that takes both people’s needs and that of the environment into account. This philosophy reaches beyond pure environmentally sensitive construction and is embedded in the total holistic urban design.
The opening of the Mall of Africa on the 28th April 2016, represented the start of a new chapter for Waterfall and is a catalyst for further development in Waterfall City and the Waterfall node as a whole. Mall of Africa is an exciting and attractive lifestyle destination beyond just shopping. The scale of the mall gives shoppers’ significant choice and attracts leading local and international retailers to the mall. The response to the Mall of Africa has been overwhelming and exceeded all expectations. Over 123,000 people visited the mall on opening day and over 100 000 on its first Saturday of trade.
Mall of Africa was externally valued at R5,1 billion as at 30th June 2016, of which Attacq’s share is valued at R4.1 billion. The Mall of Africa acts as a catalyst for economic activity in the area and attracts around 1.2million visitors per month and has created 4,500 permanent jobs.
Attacq listed on the JSE in 2013.
The company has grown it’s total assets to over R27,6 billion as at June 2016 from an initial gross asset value of R600 million on 30th June 2005.
Attacq adopted urban design principles for all its developments at Waterfall to guide the development of new buildings in line with international best practice. Many of the buildings in Waterfall City are sterling examples of environmentally sensitive design and build projects. In addition, the standards provide targets for construction teams to use locally sourced materials and to set and report on recycling targets per construction project. Green building is the base standard approach in Waterfall City. Design, construction and retrofit of buildings that utilize green building practices is encouraged. In the design and as-built rating process, certification is awarded for buildings that achieve 4-star, 5-star and 6-star ratings.
Attacq prides itself on living its core values and being a responsible corporate citizen, that invests for the greater good of the community in which it operates. Attacq looks beyond its bottom-line, investing in the development of people to build a better society. The Attacq Foundation is a catalyst and channel for sustainable social investment. Attacq has made investments in CSI, enterprise supplier development and socio-economic development in excess of R10.6 million over the past two years.