Attacq pursues long-term capital growth through quality property developments.
Waterfall, Gauteng’s new lifestyle city, is the prime development in the Attacq development pipeline.


  • The Waterfall development consists of Waterfall City – an integrated city that works, which includes the Mall of Africa and most of the office, mixed use and commercial buildings. As well as Waterfall Logistics Hub – Gauteng’s logistics hub of choice, which includes light industrial and warehousing
  • The development boasts 975 008m² of remaining developable bulk
  • This bulk is ungeared and 600 000m² is already serviced and immediately available for the value accretive roll out of commercial, residential and industrial developments
  • Waterfall City is rapidly becoming an iconic lifestyle city with a comprehensive mixed-use offering
  • Significant South African commercial developments and the corporate consolidation destination of choice
  • Waterfall City boasts the Mall of Africa, a super-regional mall and key catalyst for further developments
  • Benchmark architecture and environmentally sound city design are standard in Waterfall
  • Convenient location on the N1 Allandale interchange, with excellent infrastructure
  • Up to 14 years of development opportunities foreseen in retail, office and mixed-use and industrial sectors



  • Waterfall is located between the Allandale and Woodmead off-ramps on both sides of the M1/N1 highway in Gauteng
  • Multiple access roads provide easy access to Waterfall and its CBD, Waterfall City
    • Accessible from the north via the N1, K101 and R55
  • Free-flow Allandale interchange has significantly improved accessibility to Waterfall
  • Attacq has invested and continues to invest in various infrastructure upgrades in and around Waterfall, including the K101 and Allandale Road


  • Waterfall Access Park (Land Parcel 3 and Land Parcel 24) – This joint venture with Sanlam Properties measures 660 000 m² earmarked for light industrial developments and 30 000 m² for retail development
  • Corporate City (Land Parcel 10a) – Developable bulk of 150 000 m² for offices
  • Waterfall Corporate Campus (Land Parcel 10b) – Developable bulk of 30 000 m² for offices
  • Waterfall Capital City (Land Parcel 12) – Developable bulk of 50 000 m² for potential corporate head offices with additional bulk of 20 000 m² in the process of being approved