Our Human Capital Focus

At Attacq, we believe that our people are our most valued assets; we have a diverse skill set marked by employees who have institutional knowledge obtained through long service and newly appointed employees who introduce new ways of doing things.
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From a human capital perspective, our intended outcomes are to:

1. Continue to build a diverse workforce

Continue to build a diverse workforce that represents our nation’s demographics, encourages inclusive thinking and contributes to transformation in the interests of all citizens.

Our recruitment strategy supports our goals for diversity and inclusion further complemented by internal training to raise awareness on topics such as disability, diversity, emotional intelligence and inclusion.

2. Build an inclusive work environment

Build an inclusive work environment that results in high employee engagement and low employee turnover.

We believe that a strong company culture is critical for our success. All employees are held accountable for living and demonstrating the following Attacq values:



Around here, we do what we say. #belikekate



Around here, everyone’s ideas matter. #kaizen



Around here, stuff gets done. #seeitsayitsortit



Around here, we focus on the future. #dreamplanprocess



Around here, we have each other’s back. #greetlistenshare

3. Offer employee wellness programmes

Attacq’s’ view is that wellbeing is a daily act of practising healthy habits and should be viewed holistically. This includes having a view about your own future, which compliments the Attacq value of sustainability. Wellbeing refers to your mind, body and soul. Focussing on your wellbeing enables you to thrive and not only survive. Attacq acknowledges and supports the following dimensions that contribute to our overall staff wellbeing:

4. Continue to reward employees fairly

Continue to reward employees fairly and in line with our strategic priorities to attract, motivate and retain top talent by offering meaningful benefits. Our approach on learning and development of Attacq employees are testament hereof.

Attacq has a holistic approach towards the growth and development of employees. Training interventions are aimed at enhancing organisational, professional and personal capabilities. This is supported by the following initiatives:

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