The best teams have the brightest vision.

Welcome to Horizon 2030. A clear picture of where we’re going and how we’re getting there.


At Attacq, we believe in the power of a shared vision.

Our winning formula? A strong purpose, shared values, and clear direction towards the future.

Introducing Horizon2030: Thrive. Transform. Transcend.

Join us on our journey towards Attacq Horizon 2030, where we commit to craft our character, create meaningful change, and leave a lasting legacy.


To thrive is to choose to work in excellence, serve with generosity and ultimately, build a business that is 100% aligned with our shared purpose, values and vision.


At Attacq, we’re all about getting things done. Having a driving propensity for action is the key ingredient for establishing partnerships, reaching our goals and growing our business.


To fully realise our vision, we must transcend every challenge. And then, against the odds, still perform above expectation when it comes to our business objectives and performance indicators.

A clear picture of a desired future.

Creating sustainable stakeholder value lies at the core of our strategic direction, where we aim to not only generate returns for our investors but also to positively impact our communities and the environment.

Business objectives

Our business focus includes developments in Waterfall City, diversifying investments within South Africa and offshore, and expanding through new business initiatives.

Strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives are to aim for long-term growth with a solid capital structure, a people-centric approach, digital integration, operational excellence, and responsible community and environmental management.

A community of committed lifelong learners.

Learning and development plays a critical role in achieving the goals outlined in Horizon 2030, for several compelling reasons.

Operational excellence and reliability

Skill enhancement and adaptability

Cohesive culture and values alignment

Innovation and leadership development

Horizon 2030 awaits – join the journey.

This journey is about more than just a single organisation. As we create value for all stakeholders, whether clients, partners or the public, the invitation remains to step boldly into the future – together.

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