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Our business strategy is strongly influenced by the tenant-driven requirements of our existing buildings and new developments at Waterfall, with growing pressure for ‘climate-smart’ buildings.

As such, we strive to be efficient, resilient and sustainable. The key elements in effectively managing our natural resources are waste, water, energy, transport and technology. To illustrate our approach, planning transport to and inside Waterfall City can reduce the burden on natural resources as we manage our carbon footprint. At the same time, managing the efficiency, resilience and carbon footprint of our portfolio will increasingly depend on the technology that supports a smart city.

As the Waterfall precinct is our longer-term growth engine, our vision is for the core of Waterfall City to be the greenest in South Africa. In line with this vision, certification is underway for the Mall of Africa. Our objective is to be able to reduce our tenants’ total cost of occupancy through various sustainability and smart building initiatives. Firstly, on a building level, secondly on a precinct level and ultimately on a portfolio level.

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