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Dr. Gustav Rohde

Dr. Gustav Rohde

Independent Non-executive Director

01 February 2023

Transformation, social and ethics

PhD Civil Engineering

Gustav is a professional engineer with a passion for and experience in transformation, sustainability, and environmental issues (TSE).

He has, for the past eight years, been involved in leading digital transformation at Zutari to enhance the company's sustainability. He is also responsible for formulating and executing Zutari's strategy as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Over the past three plus years, he has been involved in expanding Zutari's presence globally. Zutari a management owned, infrastructure consulting firm with offices across Africa and the Middle East was created after the demerger of Aurecon Africa from the Aurecon group of Companies.

Prior to Joining Zutari, he spent over 10 years at Aurecon, during which time he led the expansion of the company to the Australian market through a merger.

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